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Staud Clothing Review: Be Exclusive, Be Devine, Be Yourself

About Staud

Staud Clothing Review

Staud is bold, unapologetic, and fashion-forward when it comes to the iconic LA girl aesthetic. From slim-fit dresses to rainbow turtlenecks, this designer brand is anything but ordinary. 

With an impressive following of over 505k on Instagram, it seems that Staud is a household staple within the clothing industry. 

If you’re an avid trendsetter, there’s a chance that you’re already familiar with this apparel company, as they’re regularly featured on Vogue, Who What Wear, and Refinery 29. Some of their pieces are also fashioned by a few A-list celebrities such as Dakota Fanning and Alexa Chung. 

Don’t let those catwalk lights blind you. Despite their flattering designs, does this brand really hold up in terms of quality and customer service? There’s only one way to find out. 

This Staud clothing review will provide a comprehensive look at the company, its collection, ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth adding to your closet. 

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Overview of Staud

Staud Clothing Review

If Gucci is known for tracksuits and Chanel being tweed blazers, Staud stands out with its vintage-inspired aesthetic, which harbors a touch of 60s glam.

Founded by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto in 2015, this designer house quickly made a name for itself within the fashion industry, as they’re usually featured on several runways. 

Based in Los Angeles, Staud states that its collection is designed to inspire women from all walks of life. “Think: a scrupulous attention to detail, a natural opposition to the typical, and a feminine aura that’s equal parts seductive and self-governing—all whilst leaving room, of course, for the occasional mushroom trip or jaunt to the beach (or both). If fashion is a never-ending pursuit of style, then STAUD is what happens after you’ve found it.” 

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Before we get into this Staud clothing review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A wide variety of clothing pieces, accessories, and shoes to choose from 
  • Considered an established designer label within the industry 
  • Offers Klarna as an alternative payment option
  • Sold in several partnered stores such as Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter  
  • Free shipping on orders $100 or more 


  • Pricier than other retailers 
  • Limited return window of only 14 days 
Staud Clothing Review

If you managed to modernize the classic fit of the ’60s by today’s standards, there’s a chance that you’ll end up with Staud clothing. Best known for its color-blocking prints, conservative silhouettes, and vintage colors, this apparel brand is basically a mod girl’s dream come true. Currently, they design dresses, tops, pants, shoes, and accessories for women. 

Do you consider yourself a fashion connoisseur? If yes, take this Staud clothing review as your leading guide on what to look out for. We’ll feature a few of the brand’s best-selling pieces for trendsetters to style. 

Staud Clothing Review

Spoilers ahead; this brand’s collection is just *chefs kiss*. From knitted dresses to corseted tops, this Staud clothing review will briefly look at some of its hottest picks. Of course, we’ll leave the Instagramming up to you. 

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Staud Elio Dress Review

Staud Elio Dress Review
Staud Elio Dress

I’m 100% sure that Lara Jean would rock the Elio Dress as part of romance novel daydreams. This gorgeous gown features a tiered skirt, a fitted bodice, a button-down accent, and some French puff off-shoulder sleeves. 

It’s definitely a fairy-tale look that deserves to be frolicked in the field of flowers. To keep things muted and subtle, this number is offered in colors beige, cream, black, white, and olive green. The Staud Elio dress is designed to be summer-friendly due to its stretchy, cotton poplin blend. 

In terms of styling ideas, this beauty would look gorgeous with minimalistic jewelry, heeled sandals, and the Staud bucket bag to match. For a look that’ll bring any Noah Centineos to your yard, the Elio Dress costs $285 in total. 

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Staud Millie Dress Review

Staud Millie Dress Review
Staud Millie Dress

I swear the Millie Dress from Staud looks like it deserves to be in Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video. Considered the more ‘dressed up version’ of the classic safari jumpsuit, this gown displays a stunning tiered skirt, button-down enclosure, and notched lapels. As an added finish, it comes with a cinched belt to help define the waistline. 

The Staud Millie dress is a great look to opt for if you’re not keen on mini skirts. But to keep things comfortable and breathable, its silhouette offers a roomier fit in case of humid afternoons. 

Best paired with the Staud Shirley bag for a more elevated look, the Millie Dress (in olive, gingham, black, or zebra) costs $375 at checkout. 

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Staud Dolores Dress Review

Staud Dolores Dress Review
Staud Dolores Dress

Currently, patchwork designs and handmade clothing are two of the top trending styles on TikTok. With this in mind, it’s only natural that brands like Staud would follow along as well. 

The Dolores Dress is no exception, as it manages to combine DIY culture and the omnipresent Y2K aesthetic into one Capri gown. Offered in a refreshing color palette of ocean blues and seafoam white, this beauty is certainly emblematic of the summer city girl.

This July staple comes with skinny spaghetti straps, a v-neckline, and a midi-skirt hem. By far, the most remarkable thing about this number is that it’s made out of recycled georgette fabric. 

For those who want to win major styling points, we recommend pairing it with the Staud Moon bag and some heeled white sandals. In terms of price, the Dolores Dress costs a cool $325

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Staud Shane Top Review

Staud Shane Top Review
Staud Shane Top

Considered another trending style on TikTok, the Shane Top is a bandeau-style wrap-around that does wonders in complementing the decolletage. This summer essential comes with a triangular hem and white line art.

Instead of the usual knotted back, it comes with a flat surface so you can properly recline in your seat. Offered in white and navy blue, this stunning number would look fantastic with a pair of high-waisted flare jeans, hoop earrings, and the Staud Bisset bag. 

Unfortunately, the Shane Top is currently sold out on the brand’s website. But once it’s available to purchase again, it retails for $115

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Staud Eli Pant Review

Staud Eli Pant Review
Staud Eli Pant

Watch out, Aritzia, the Eli Pant from Staud is coming to steal your wig. Made out of soft, vegan leather, these biker-style trousers are made with a straight-legged fit, white stitching details, and medium-rise waistband. If you’re worried about its performance, these bottoms are designed to offer a bit of stretch and flexibility while walking. 

As shown on the model, we suggest wearing a collared knit shirt for the top. In terms of accessorizing, a pair of black boots, some small gold hoops, and the Staud Moreau bag would look great in pulling the entire look together. 

Originally priced at $350, the Eli Pant is currently at a steal for $245.  

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Staud Bags Review

If you’re not blessed with a set of pockets in your dress or pants, it’s usually a sign to opt for a matching purse instead. Luckily, this brand provides a wide selection of stylish handbags on its website. 

From the Tommy carry-on to the Felix satchel, this Staud clothing review will feature four of its customer favorites within this category. 

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Staud Shirley Bag Review 

Staud Shirley Bag Review
Staud Shirley Bag

If you can’t afford the Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin purse for thousands of dollars, the Shirley Bag from Staud offers the same aesthetic at a more reasonable price. Held together with rectangular clasps, this see-through tote comes with a unique, swirling cow-print on the insert pouch. 

Don’t worry; no animal was harmed in the making of this carry-on, as it’s made out of heavy-weight PVC. Considered part of the Staud handbags collection, this fearsome number would definitely win the approval of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada.

While it’s recommended that you opt for a blazer and trouser combo to match, there’s no harm in dressing down this tote with a Staud dress. The Shirley Bag is priced at $210 in total. 

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Staud Moon Bag Review

Staud Moon Bag Review
Staud Moon Bag

For those who consider themselves a lover of space, stars, and the vast unknown, the Moon Bag embodies a slight astrological vibe in a more subtle manner.

Rounded to look like a crescent, this unique tote has a hidden magnetic clasp, a removable handle, and a luxurious inner suede lining. As an added accent, we definitely recommend fastening on a star charm for a touch of whimsy. 

If you’re not a fan of beige, this collection of Staud bags is also available in red, black, purple, cream, pink, and more. For a gorgeous way to complete your everyday ensemble, the Moon Bag rings up to a total of $295

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Staud Tommy Beaded Bag Review 

Staud Tommy Beaded Bag Review
Staud Tommy Beaded Bag

There’s nothing more to say. The Tommy Beaded Bag from Staud is just, ‘wow’. This intricately designed purse showcases a detailed pattern of rainbow swirls and flowers. Handsewn by a team of professionals, you can definitely see the number of hours put into this tote. 

In terms of construction, this tote is quite simplistic in build, as it comes with a wide handle and a flap enclosure. This style of purse is available in 12 different designs, including giraffe, zebra in blue cream, and bandana red. 

Honestly, it’s best to have the $250 Tommy Beaded Bag stand out for itself. To really showcase the beauty of this tote, we suggest an all-black outfit. 

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Staud Bean Bag Review 

Staud Bean Bag Review
Staud Bean Bag

Like a delicate swirl of French pastry cream, the Bean Bag is emblematic of those fancy dessert shops that sell eclairs and macarons. This adorable clutch comes with a ruffled exterior, a zipper enclosure, and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

Made out of soft vegan leather, this purse is certainly a far cry from those scratchy wool carry-ons. Aside from white, this carry-on is also available in 9 different colors, including black, brown, pink, and pastel blue. In terms of price, the Bean Bag from Staud costs $195

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Is Staud Ethical? 

Staud Clothing Review

Unfortunately, Staud doesn’t offer much information about its manufacturing practices and where they source its materials. In addition, we found no details on fair trade, ethical labor, or if they believe in sustainable values.

So far, the only inklings we have is that some of its garments are made out of vegan or recycled materials, such as the Eli Pant and the Dolores Dress

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Who Is Staud For? 

Staud Clothing Review

Relatively speaking, if you’re a fan of the 60s vintage scene, Staud clothing is definitely for you. Compared to insta-baddie brands like Dolls Kill, Fashion Nova, and Meshki, this designer label focuses on more conservative vibes that offer a classier fit.

If we were to narrow down their aesthetic, we’d say that Staud is a hodgepodge of mod-style, psychedelic hippie, dark academia and elevated, twentieth-century contemporary. 

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Staud Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Staud Clothing Review

Like most designer labels out there, Staud has little to no reviews. Most critiques come in the form of runway editorials and established opinion articles. If anything, a brand will either make it or break it by word of mouth. 

But, for the time being, we did find a few lingering testimonials on some websites such as Shopbop, Trustpilot, and Nordstrom. The ratings go as follows:

  • Trustpilot: 21 reviews with 2.1/5 stars 
  • Shopbop: 44 reviews with no star rating 
  • Nordstrom for the Shoko Colorblock Sweater: 4 reviews with 5/5 stars 

So far, it seems that Staud excels in quality, attractiveness, and versatility. On the other hand, we did find some dismal reports about inadequate customer service and ordering problems. But it’s worth noting that the number of negative complaints pales compared to the number of positive reviews online. 

“I absolutely ADORE this dress. It is gorgeous in person and such a unique and sophisticated color. I love the contrast stitching, belt and fabric. It is classic and versatile,” one Shopbop customer wrote for the Millie Dress

Some independent blogs, such as About The Outfits, also wrote a favorable review of Staud clothing. While the author noted its expense, they ultimately concluded that it was more reasonable compared to other luxury brands out there. 

“Just like the bags, I’ve found their clothing functional, beautiful, and not out-of-control expensive,” reads About The Outfits’s review. 

We also found several fashion magazines reviewing Staud clothing as well. According to an article published by PopSugar, the apparel brand felt “fresh, playful, and energetic”.

“I wanted to feel confident, feminine and chic on my special day, so it turned out to be the right choice,” the author for PopSugar detailed for the Apres Top and Ski Pants. “Both pieces stand out on their own, but styled together, they pack an irresistible oomph that will make anyone stop and stare.” 

So far, it seems that Staud definitely stands out from the thousands of designer brands out there. 

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Is Staud Worth It?

Staud Clothing Review

In the fast-paced world of Instagram fashion, Staud manages to keep up with certain styles and aesthetics. While some clothing pieces usually have a lifespan of a mayfly, this apparel brand manages to strike an even balance between trendy and classy. 

There’s something to appreciate about this company’s vibe. Vintage is no longer your grandma’s worn-out closet. Instead, Staud manages to transform it into an upscaled, modernized version that everyone will love.

While its price tag is something to complain about, its collection is virtually timeless, meaning that it’ll last in your wardrobe forever. For a brand that’s consistent with its aesthetic, this Staud clothing review generally recommends checking out this designer house. 

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Staud Promotions & Discounts 

Staud Clothing Review

This Staud clothing review found a referral program, where customers can receive 20% by sharing its affiliate link. You can also get 15% off your next order by signing up for the brand’s newsletter. 

Lastly, there is also a Staud sale outlet on the website, in which select designs are offered at a discounted price. 


Where to Buy Staud

Staud Clothing Review

Looking to revamp your wardrobe? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also find them at select retailers such as:

  • Nordstrom 
  • Net-A-Porter 
  • The Bay
  • Farfetch
  • SSense
  • Saks Fifth Avenue 
  • Moda Operandi 



Staud Clothing Review

Where is Staud made? 

According to an article published by Forbes magazine, Staud clothing is made in Los Angeles, California. 

Does Staud run small?

This Staud clothing review found out that some of its clothing pieces tend to run small. If anything, we recommend looking up the brand’s sizing charts for detailed measurements. 

What is Staud’s Shipping Policy?

This Staud clothing review found out that they offer free shipping on orders that total $100 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $10. They also offer other delivery options such as 2-Day and overnight. 

In addition, the company is also available internationally. To help monitor the status of your package, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is Staud’s Return Policy?

Staud offers a limited 14-day window for customers to send back their products. It’s worth noting that final sale items are considered ineligible under the brand’s policy. 

Fortunately, they do provide complimentary shipping for buyers to use. To initiate this process, users must contact the company for further instructions. 

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