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Wardrobe Essential 101: Basic T-Shirts For Women!

Every girl has a comfy t-shirt for home or casual outings. Basic t-shirts are literally a lifesaver. Especially for those days when you don’t feel like dressing up and just want to embrace the laziness. Whether it’s a multicolored t-shirt or a simple solid colored one, they are easy to wear and style. Stradivarius is a platform specializing in fashion, clothing, and accessories. Embrace your signature style and bring out the inner fashionista inside with the best products from Stradivarius. And if you feel like you want something basic and comfy to wear, then take a look at our recommendations of basic t-shirts for women on Stradivarius

The ultimate wardrobe upgrade: Basic t-shirts for women on Stradivarius! 

1. Oversized T-ShirtOversized T-Shirt

If you want something light and fun for the summer, then this cotton oversized t-shirt is exactly what you need! You can wear it at home or wear it during casual errands or outings. We understand that one doesn’t always feel like dressing up or looking extravagant. And that’s why this simple gray colored t-shirt fulfills the minimalistic and modest vibe seamlessly. Plus, the light neutral shade blends in perfectly with different types of flooring. Whether you wear it with jeans, baggy pants, or pajamas, you’ll look amazing. 

Plus, the oversized look gives off a light feeling and doesn’t add too much weight. And it allows breathability and apt ventilation, which are needed during those hot summer days. You’ll sweat less while wearing this t-shirt because it doesn’t have a tight or body hugging fit.

2. Short Boxer T-shirt 

If you want something cute and casual, then this boxer t-shirt serves that purpose well. It has a round neckline and a proper fit. The cropped and sleeveless fit make it ideal for summer and casual hangouts. You can wear it with skinny jeans, wide leg pants, track pants, pajamas, and even skirts. It is ideal to wear it with loose bottoms, especially during the summer. The t-shirt is made of polyester, cotton, and elastane. Complete the look with some accessories like earrings, bracelets, or pendants. Wear comfortable sneakers or sandals as footwear.

3. Short T-shirt with a round neckline Short T-shirt with a round neckline

If you love long sleeves, then this cropped t-shirt is ideal for you! It is brown colored and made of cotton and elastane materials. You can wear this t-shirt if you don’t want your arms to get suntanned! We know how painful that can be. It has a sleek and minimalistic finish, plus it is convenient for casual outings. The t-shirt will look good with accessories and a pair of light jeans.

4. T-shirt with an Open Back

Who said t-shirts couldn’t be sexy? This elegant open back t-shirt proves all of them wrong! Look sexy and stylish with this t-shirt without doing too much. All you need to do is pair it up with a nice pair of jeans or pants and accessorize! You are ready and good to go. Show off your sexy back as you walk and make an impression. The glam girl we were all looking for is here, and yes we are talking about you. The t-shirt is made of viscose and elastane materials.

5. Ribbed Long Sleeve T-shirtRibbed Long Sleeve T-shirt

T-shirts also make good sleepwear. And if you are wondering which t-shirt to make your nightwear then this cotton and elastane t-shirt is a great option! The cotton material will allow a soft touch and breathability. It is comfortable, fitted, and cozy. No matter the season, this is the perfect sleepwear for any time. And the timeless design and luxurious comfort provided by this t–shirt is heavenly.


Basic t-shirts for women are not just simple clothing items, they are much more than that. They have a versatile functionality and charm, which makes them highly sought-out and a comfort wear for so many women. Whether you like colorful patterned basic t-shirts for women or plain solid ones, they help you express your personal style and embrace a sense of individuality. There are so many types of basic t-shirts for women to choose from. Currently, popular graphic tees are in fashion. T-shirts are a timeless item, and they have been a fashion staple for decades. And even till now, they have had a strong foothold in the fashion world and most probably will have so for a long time! 


How to style solid t-shirts for women? Solid t-shirts are of monochromatic shades and hence easy to style. You can style solid basic t-shirts for women with neutral pants, jeans, oversized baggy pants, trackpants, skirts, or shorts. Add accessories like earrings, pendants, bracelets, and hair clips to enhance the look further. Don’t forget to wear an elegant pair of shoes to complete the look. This can range from sandals, shoes to boots. Whatever you are comfortable with!
Where can I find cheap basic t-shirts for women? You can find cheap basic t-shirts for women on many platforms, both online and offline. Some online shopping outlets you can consider include- H&M, Zara, Stradivarius, and Amazon.
How to wash basic t-shirts for women? T-shirts are super convenient to wash. But, it depends on the washing instructions, fabric, and type of t-shirt. Cotton t-shirts can be both machine and hand washed. Some t-shirts require extra care and hence you need to follow certain instructions while washing them. Plus, choosing the right type of detergent and drying technique as per the t-shirt’s requirements is important. Careful and considerate washing will keep your t-shirt’s quality up and it will remain durable for longer.

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